Table of Contents
1. Start preparing as early as possible
2. Take practice tests
3. Remember to answer every question on the test
4. Learn the patterns in questions – they often repeat
5. Read extensively outside the test practice

It’s also great to have when you’re getting ready for submitting college applications. If you’re up against another student who is equal to you, but you have a high SAT score, and they haven’t taken the test you’ll be the one who gets accepted.

Therefore, the SAT exam is worth taking seriously and it’s absolutely one you should prepare for well ahead of exam day.

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This is not the sort of test you can cram for the night before the exam. But with plenty of time to study set aside and high-quality prep materials you can ace the SAT and get a high score.

There are some expert tips that will help you ace the SAT. 700+Club has helped thousands of students like you to pass their SAT with flying colors, and we are going to help you too with this handy guide with the top tips from our tutors.

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Tip 1.  Start preparing as early as possible

3 months of study is the minimum amount of time you should set aside to study for your SAT test according to our experts here at 700+Club. That should be broken down into manageable chunks of prep time each week, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

A good tutor will be invaluable here because they’ll know the test inside out and can guide you through the prep process and each section step by step all the way up to the actual day of the test.


Tip 2: Take practice tests

Do several practice tests before the actual exam in test-like

conditions, so you get used to pacing yourself and managing your time


Knowing the test format intricately will help banish exam day nerves as well. You’ll also get to know your strengths and weaknesses, so you’ll know which areas to study up on and where to focus your prep time. If your weakness is math but your reading comprehension is top level then you’ll know to spend more time polishing up your math knowledge.

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Tip 3: Remember to answer every question on the test

If you are stuck on a question and are running out of time – guess, there’s no penalty for a wrong answer.

Your final test score will be totted up from the total of correct answers. The test is multiple choice and you circle the correct answer for each question. Never leave a question blank as you may well get it right, especially if you have done lots of practice tests. You have a 25% chance of guessing correctly which is much better than just leaving the space blank.


Tip 4: Learn the patterns in questions – they often repeat

If you have taken several practice tests you’ll know the kind of questions and answers to expect in advance. This will help you when it comes to the real test as you’ll understand the types of questions that come up and the answers that are correct.


Tip 5 : Read extensively outside the test practice

A big part of the SAT test is reading comprehension so making sure you can read fast and accurately will help you will your SAT. Practice reading every single day. It’ll be better if you read things that are fun so read up on your favourite subjects. A great habit to get into is reading a book before you go to sleep.



If you’re considering taking your SAT take a look at the 700+Club group and one to one study options. Our tutors are friendly and easy to approach. They’re available 24/7 and will guide you through your prep so you feel confident and do well come exam day. We have our own SAT study materials as well as official documents and you’ll get the best chance of passing with a super high score!

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