Let’s explore the top schools that still require SAT test scores and the ever-changing world of college admissions. SATs have played a crucial role in college admissions for years, but the landscape is evolving rapidly!

Is taking the SAT important for college admissions?

Recently, an increasing number of colleges have adopted a test-optional or test-blind policy, allowing students to choose whether or not they want to submit their SAT scores. According to the National Center for Fair and Open Testing (FairTest), more than 1,900 colleges will not require SAT scores for admission in fall 2024. However, some of the most prestigious colleges and universities still consider SAT scores essential to the admissions process.

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Here’s the lowdown: We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top-ranking National Universities and National Liberal Arts Colleges sticking to their SAT requirements. The list includes a diverse mix of public and private institutions with impressive rankings. The University of Florida leads among public National Universities, while the United States Naval Academy tops the list for public National Liberal Arts Colleges.

There’s a wide spectrum of SAT scores out there. From MIT’s impressive range to Florida International University’s more modest range, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The maximum score on the SAT is 1600, and it’s always important to aim for the best score possible.

On the liberal arts side, the United States Air Force Academy boasts the highest SAT range, while New College of Florida holds the fort with the lowest range.

Florida is leading the pack with five schools on the list, followed by Georgia with two, and a scattering of colleges located across other states, from California to Washington, D.C.

Are you curious to see who made the cut? Check out our list below! However, remember that policies can change, so it’s always advisable to double-check each college’s website for the latest admissions information.

Schools that require SAT test scores


National Universities SAT Score
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1520-1580
Georgetown University (DC) 1390-1560
University of Florida 1300-1490
Georgia Institute of Technology 1370-1550
Purdue University—Main Campus (IN) 1200-1470
University of Georgia 1220-1420
Florida State University 1210-1370
University of South Florida 1140-1330
University of Tennessee, Knoxville 1170-1330
Florida International University 1060-1250
National Liberal Arts Colleges SAT Score
United States Naval Academy (MD) 1200-1440
United States Air Force Academy (CO) 1310-1480
United States Military Academy at West Point (NY) 1220-1450
Thomas Aquinas College (CA) 1215-1400
New College of Florida 1103-1360

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