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What changes will the SAT exam undergo in 2023?
1. 80% of students found the new concise, digitised SAT less stressful
2. SAT 2023 will be more productive for time management
3. Receive your SAT score within days not weeks
4. What is considered an excellent SAT score?
5. Sit the SAT 2023 up to seven times per year
4. The 2023 timeline for the SAT exams

The SAT is a regulated test which is a primary entrance exam used by colleges and universities across the United States. Students who want to pass the SAT test need to demonstrate to the College Board who administer the exam that they have a strong comprehension of English grammar, highly accurate reading skills, plus decent mathematical ability.

The test is constantly evolving to ensure accurate and fair assessment of students, and 2023 will herald in big changes in the form of a digitized and more concise SAT exam. If your dream school has selective admissions, being well-prepared ahead of the exam so you get the very best SAT score possible is crucial.

What changes will the SAT exam undergo in 2023?

The SAT used to be an old-fashioned paper and pen multiple choice exam. As of spring 2023, students who are based in the United States can take their SAT on a laptop or tablet that will be issued by their school, complete with a special testing app that can be downloaded the day before the exam. International students can sit the exam online under the supervision of an approved test center or school.

80% of students found the new concise, digitized SAT less stressful

These new changes are extremely positive for students and the College Board who oversees the SAT found that 80% of students found this new digitized format less stressful than the previous one. However, the core aspects (the overall content and the types of questions that will be asked) will remain the same as before. 

The test has been cut down to two hours instead of three, and there are now only two sections whereas before there were four sections. The SAT test now consists of Maths, plus Reading and Writing. Both sections will have multiple-choice questions. Each section will be scored on a scale of 800 points. Thus the SAT scores will be calculated out of 1600. 

The reading section has been edited down to be more concise and students will answer one question per the SAT reading passage. 

The maths questions have also been shortened so they’re more direct and straight to the point. SAT 2022 has sections for both calculator and non-calculator maths. The SAT 2023 test will permit students to use calculators for the entirety of the maths section. A graphic calculator will be included in the digital testing app – if the student does not have one of their own. 

This concise format means that students will have more time to think about their answers to each question.

SAT 2023 will be more productive for time management

The shorter, two hour exam will be more productive when it comes to time management. A set of helpful tools will be included in the new digital version of the SAT testing app, including a flagging tool to mark the pending questions for review, a reference sheet, and a timer so you’ll know how much time you have left to complete the exam, which even gives you a five-minute warning before the end of the exam. 

The exam board that oversees the SAT exam has also factored in a way to make each test unique for each student. If candidates answer the first set of questions correctly, they’ll be given more difficult questions in the next section. This means you’ll be better able to demonstrate your knowledge and truly stand out when it comes to preparing for your dream school application.

Receive your SAT score within days not weeks

After sitting the exam, students will receive their SAT scores within days, whereas previously they had to wait for weeks to find out how they scored. This way they can apply to the colleges on their short list more swiftly.

What is considered an excellent SAT score?

The top universities in the United States have high standards and would expect candidates to have gained an SAT score above 1400. An SAT score over 1500 is considered excellent. It is possible to gain entry to certain universities with an SAT score of 1200, but putting in the work and starting early is the key to scoring highly with an SAT test. 

Sit the SAT 2023 up to seven times per year

If the student decides they’d like to improve their score, International students will be allowed to sit the SAT up to seven times per year. 

The 2023 timeline for the SAT exams 

  • March 2023: International test centers will start administering digital SAT.
  • Fall 2023 (October 2023): All the test centers will administer the digital PSAT worldwide.
  • Spring 2024: US test centers will start administering the digital SAT.


This new concise and digitized SAT format is brilliant news for students and will be much more productive for those taking it as a part of their admissions pack to their dream school. But, because sitting the SAT exam is now easier, many more students are likely to opt to sit it – meaning to ensure you truly stand out when you apply to your dream school, your SAT score is more important than ever because you’ll be up against more competition. 

Did you know that spending one hour with a tutor is the equivalent of spending five hours studying on your own? 

700+ Club has a 98% success rate with SAT scores. If you’re applying to a top business university in the USA or Europe, you’ll need to ace the SAT exam in order to get accepted. 

Gain the edge over other students and start prepping for your SAT 2023 test today.

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