Welcome to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Esade Business & Law School, brought to you by 700+Club. In this special interview, we had the privilege of sitting down with Ursi Van der Herten, the Associate Director of Recruitment & Admissions for Esade’s Master, Full Time, and Executive MBA programs. Get ready to dive deep into the world of Esade and uncover the secrets to success in business education.


ESADE interview: exclusive insights on admissions & more



1. Master the Esade application process

Let’s dive into the application process for Esade’s master’s programs. So, first off, it’s pretty speedy – they don’t waste any time! They’re all about that personal touch, so you’ll get plenty of interaction with the admissions team before you even hit the interview stage. They’re there to guide you every step of the way, so don’t be shy about reaching out for help. 


Picking the right program can be a tough call with seven options on the table. But here’s the deal: you can mix and match electives from different programs, so it’s all about figuring out your main focus. Whether you’re all about international management or finance, Esade’s got you covered! 


2. Esade recommendation letter tips

We’ve got a golden rule for recommendation letters: aim for about a page and a half in total. None of those two-liner responses, you know? Really dive into it. Now, picking the right recommenders is key. For master’s programs, if you’re light on work experience, professors are the go-to


But if you’ve got work experience, mix it up – one from academia, one from the work front. Now, asking your boss for a recommendation letter is a good idea for the full-time MBA program. So, it’s all about those superior references from your current or past gigs. No buddy-buddy stuff, okay?


3. Get crucial work experience to get in Esade

When it comes to picking out candidates for the Esade MBA program, it’s all about experience. So, even if someone’s got a killer GMAT score but not much work history, they might not be a top pick. 


Esade is big on real-world know-how and international vibes, too, so if you’ve got some global experience under your belt, that will give your application an extra boost. And hey, a little motivation never hurt anyone, either! Esade is looking for folks ready to dive in and make the most of their MBA journey. 


4. Language proficiency to make your Esade application stand out

What else do you need to bring to the table if you’re eyeing up a spot?  Here’s the kicker: they’re also looking for folks who can handle at least three languages. If you’re falling short at just two, don’t sweat it. They’ll give you a chance to pick up that third one during your time at Esade.


5. The power of teamwork in Esade admissions interviews

During your admissions interview, they will dig into your soft skills, like teamwork and personal impact. Basically, admissions wants to know if you’re ready to make a positive difference in the world – both in class and beyond. 


It’s all about that “do good, do better” mindset, you know? So, when it comes down to it, the admissions team will check out your personality and how you vibe with the rest of the students. 


6. Diversity and global representation in Esade Master’s programs

Let’s talk about the incredible diversity at Esade. It’s like a mini United Nations with 73 nationalities in all master’s programs! And as for the 182 MBA students, they’ve got about 44 nationalities represented. It’s a real melting pot, with students from all over – Latin America, Europe, Asia, you name it. 


7. Win an ESADE scholarship

A critical topic on the minds of many students is scholarships. First up, Esade has the Excellence Award scholarship, and it’s up for grabs in all the programs – master’s, full-time MBA, and even executive MBAs. 


There are a bunch of different scholarships, like Women in Business or Entrepreneurship, so you pick the one that speaks to you. Then, you need to write an essay. Once you’re admitted to the program, your scholarship application will be reviewed and passed along to the scholarship committee. Easy peasy, right? 


8. Unlock career success after Esade

So, here’s the scoop: students at Esade are in for some serious networking opportunities. You’ll be rubbing elbows with big-name companies during career weeks right on campus. Plus, the career team has your back, helping you sharpen interview skills, polish up CVs, and tackle whatever the future throws your way. It’s all about hands-on learning and getting prepped for success! 


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