Table of Contents
1. Set up your study time and materials
2. Use your leisure time wisely
3. Keep your mobile phone at bay
4. Early bird or night owl routine to study
5. Get some fresh air while studying
6. Study on the go with apps

1. Set up your study time and materials

Making a strategy to study on the side before you leave is your best bet. Check your travel plans and how long you’ll be gone. Create sensible academic goals for yourself and work towards them. This means you should consider when and where you can study and how long you can devote to it in light of the other things you have planned. Make sure you can follow through on your plans to reach your goals by the end of your vacation.

Ensuring that you’ve got all the necessary study resources is equally essential, as is getting your hands on any additional materials you think would be helpful but don’t have. 

Imagine you’re going somewhere with internet speeds that give dial up connections a run for their money, but you need to download some digital flashcards. In that case, you’re going to need to download them onto your phone or tablet before your vacation or wherever you’ll get a better connection. 

Don’t squash your study efforts by forgetting to bring along crucial study materials. Unless that was your evil scheme all along! 

Pro tip: Prepare everything you’ll need for your study session by putting it in the same spot and keeping the same schedule. 

2. Use your leisure time wisely

Whether you’re hopping on a flight, going on a cruise, or hitting the road, the most obvious time to make use of is travel time. You can go over what you’ve learned previously or study new information using flashcards, audio lectures, or mock tests. If you struggle to stay focused with all the surrounding noise, pop in some earplugs to focus on the task at hand.

Pro tip: The audio lectures are the go-to option if you’re prone to motion sickness.

3. Keep your mobile phone at bay

We all know that trying to cram for exams while on vacation is a bad idea, what with the heat, the sea, the swimming pools, the neighborhood discos, and the smartphone. If you’re trying to study, bringing your phone into the room with you is a bad idea for several reasons. For one, you might get a call or text from a friend asking you to hang out. 

For another, you might log on to social media and get stuck in an endless scrolling loop of your feed, seeing photos of people on vacation and having fun. If you want to get more work done when away from the office, set your phone on silent or airplane mode. You can then wait to check your social media accounts and respond to messages until after your study session.

4. Early bird or a night owl routine to study

If you have a jam-packed schedule, the best times to study are first thing in the morning or after everyone has gone to bed. When traveling with friends or family, losing track of time is easy when you’re having fun! 

If you need to do some serious studying while on vacation, the best time to do it is when everyone has hit the sack. This way, you can dig deep into the subject matter without being constantly interrupted. 

After everyone else has woken up, you can join in on the day’s activities. Does it all seem too good to be true? Getting your studying done and enjoying your free timemiracles do happen!

5. Get some fresh air while studying

If your indoor routine is crushing you, try changing up the scenery. The summer heat can be bearable if you find a place to study that is shady and cool. The frustration of “staying indoors” while others are having fun will fade away as you spend more time in nature. 

If you can stay focused, you might even be able to study at the beach while sitting under an umbrella. If you find that you can’t concentrate when studying outside because of the heat, you can head indoors.

6. Study on the go with apps

When you are out and about, mobile apps truly shine. Get apps for your phone or tablet that have all the study materials you need to prep while away. They’ll save you a ton of space and hassle from lugging around practice books as you move from one spot to another. 

Double down on the convenience and portable nature of digital resources like flashcards, practice questions, and lectures. You may study whenever and anywhere, making it simple, quick, and easy to review or master new material or test-taking strategies. Also, these methods can be used even if your connection to the internet is spotty. So there’s no need to fear; you’ll still meet your study quota!

Have a good time disconnecting & prepping

On this unique vacation, you’re doing a hybrid of work and play. But through the lens of a good middle ground. It would help if you spent a bit of time studying while also doing things you enjoy. 

During your next vacation, put these tips into action while preparing for the SAT, GRE, or GMAT. Plus, by studying while you’re on holiday, you’ll be able to bring your A-game to a 700+Club prep course come September! 

Always keep in mind that striking a healthy balance is the key to excelling in your upcoming exams. Plan up your study schedule so that you alternate periods of work and play, and you’ll be amazed at how much more productive and focused you become as a result. 

Using this method, your mind is able to profit by being focused; thus, the challenge is to avoid going overboard with distractions or with the amount of intense studying you do.

If you’re going on a trip soon, let these study tips help you succeed no matter where your vacation takes you.

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