In the fast-paced and competitive business world, obtaining an MBA degree can be a game-changer for ambitious professionals looking to advance their careers. However, getting admitted to a top-tier business school requires a strong GMAT score, which has long been a daunting challenge for many aspiring applicants. In 2023, the eagerly anticipated launch of GMAT Focus Prep promises to transform the landscape of GMAT preparation, offering a comprehensive and personalized approach to help candidates succeed in their MBA admissions journey.

Changes Coming To The GMAT Exam

The new GMAT Focus was created for success and concentrated on you. You can get ahead faster in your profession by taking the graduate business exam, which is more practical, adaptable, and informative than ever. With the release of GMAT Focus in the second half of 2023, the test has been streamlined to consist of only three 45-minute portions, no essay, and less material to study. You can tailor your exam-taking experience to your needs using features like Question Review & Edit, Select Section Order, and upgraded score-sending options. Thanks to the new Official Score Report, improved performance insights are now available in your registration. 

Looking To The Future

The current GMAT exam will be available until early next year to ease your preparation and applications for business school. The 700+Club will still offer preparation for the current version with individual courses. Group courses will shift from the current version to the new Focus Edition in September.

  • Group prep course (Last chance current version): 31 July
  • Group prep course (GMAT Focus): September 2023
  • Individual prep courses (Current version): Sign up open

Additionally, the timeframes for GMAT Focus registration and appointment availability are:

  • GMAT Focus registration opens: August 29, 2023 
  • Testing starts: Q4 2023 

To wrap it up

GMAT Focus is poised to revolutionize the landscape of GMAT preparation this year. At 700+Club, we’re ready to take your prep to the next level with the latest insights and strategies to ace the GMAT Focus Edition with our group course

As the business world evolves, GMAT Focus provides a timely and much-needed solution to help ambitious professionals achieve their academic and career aspirations. With this innovative exam, MBA applicants can confidently embark on their admissions journey and stand out in the fiercely competitive application process.

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