Table of Contents
1. What About The Average GRE Score? – In-Depth Overview
2. All You Need To Know About GRE Test Score
3. More About Types Of Graduation Programs Accepting The GRE Score
4. Few Words About Highest GRE Scores

What About The Average GRE Score? – In-Depth Overview

Firstly, let’s define the meaning of a GRE score range to know what grade will help you to achieve and promote your future career best. In order to get into the college of your choice, you must have a GRE good score. Getting an idea of your preferred college’s average GRE score range is the first step in the admissions process. It’s all up to you to figure out what a decent GRE score is for you. There are, however, additional factors to consider when determining a suitable GRE score for you. So, let’s take a look at the General and Subject test GRE scores to have a better idea of what to expect.

All You Need To Know About GRE Test Score

The quantitative and verbal sections of the GRE have a scoring range of 130-170 points, with one point GRE score percentile. There is a 0-6, with half-point increments, for Analytical Writing. However, each test is scored on a scale of 200-990, with ten-point increments.

The average GRE score for Quantitative reasoning is 150.37, for Verbal reasoning is 153.66, and for Analytical writing is 3.60, according to the ETS performance record. Consequently, the final score will be 303 with a 45th Percentile.

The average GRE score for the subject test is 689 for chemistry, 664 for mathematics, 714 for physics, and 619 for psychology. This means that an average GRE score on a particular topic might be regarded as good. The GRE score percentile ranks are different for General and Subject tests.

More About Types Of Graduation Programs Accepting The GRE Score

Students can submit their GRE max scores for a wide range of graduate programs including master’s, doctoral, and professional degrees, all the way from liberal arts to technical subjects.

Business schools are increasingly accepting the highest GRE scores in favor of the more traditional GMAT exam for admission. A rising number of law schools in the United States are accepting the GRE as an alternative to the more traditional LSAT exam.

Few Words About Highest GRE Scores

After passing the GRE general test, test takers will earn three scores: one for verbal reasoning, one for quantitative reasoning, and one for analytical writing. There is a GRE score range of 130 to 170 for both verbal and quantitative scores. A student’s writing GRE total score can range from zero to six, with half-point increments.

The GRE subject examinations have a range of scores from 200 up to 990. Subject exam takers in biology and psychology obtain not only an overall score but also multiple subscores ranging from 20 to 99, showing their mastery of key topics within the academic discipline.

Candidates for graduate programs should base their objective GRE score on the competition of such programs and the GRE max score possible, according to academic experts.

An applicant’s GRE total score can have an impact on his or her prospects of admission to target schools if it is higher than the average for such schools. In order to be considered an average student, you must score at least that high.

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