Table of Contents
The GMAT Study Plan: 700+ Club’s Timetable for Success
1. Registration
2. GMAT Study Plan: How long does it take to study?
3. GMAT Exam Day
4. How long does it take to get GMAT test results?
5. The School’s Acquisition of the Official Score Report
6. Total GMAT Timetable

The GMAT Study Plan: 700+ Club’s Timetable for Success

Time is ticking, do you have a GMAT study guide mapped out? How long from registration to completion for schools to receive your score report? Read on to plan your time like a business whiz!


Time Needed: 15-30 minutes

Depending how readily available your personal information is, your GMAT registration could take a mere 15 minutes. If you choose to have a customer service representative handle the forms for you, it will take longer and incur a processing fee. 700+ Club breaks down the registration process into clear, easy steps here!

GMAT Study Plan: How long does it take to study?

Time Needed: 90 hours +/-

It’s recommended to register for the GMAT anywhere from 2 months minimum to 6 months maximum in advance. Successful MBA admits claim that they logged over 90 study hours to ace the GMAT, but it is all tailored to your study focuses and strengths. Check out our preparation courses and see what works best for you!

GMAT Exam Day

Time Needed: 2 hours and 15 minutes

Your test day is here, and you’re going to smash it! Use our checklist to make sure you have everything you need to be successful. The test is composed of four parts :

  1. Quantitative Reasoning: 21 questions, 45 minutes
  2. Verbal Reasoning: 23 questions, 45 minutes
  3. Data Insights: 20 questions, 45 minutes

How long does it take to get GMAT test results?

Official Score Report: 3-5 days. It can occasionally take up to 20 days.

The hardest part is over; congratulations! Now all you must do is hurry up and wait. 

There is no need to cancel your GMAT™ Focus Edition score.

You do not need to choose which business school programs receive your Official Score Report before taking the GMAT™ Focus Edition, so you will never need to cancel your score. You can only send chosen scores, and schools cannot access your Official Score Report following the exam unless you provide it.

School’s Acquisition of the Official Score Report

Within 48 hours of getting your Official Score, you can send your scores to five programs for free. Your Official Score will be emailed to you once it is reportable.

Once you approve the scores and receive the Official Score Report, schools should receive the paper copy within three weeks. The online GMAT system will send the electronic OSR within 24 hours.

Total GMAT Timetable

A key note is to pace your exam appointment date at LEAST 3 months prior to admissions opening for your business school picks. B-Schools usually conduct three rounds of admissions:

Round 1: September/October

Round 2: Early January

Round 3: March/April

Keeping this in mind is vital so you don’t miss out on an admissions round and have to postpone your entry.

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