Table of Contents
1. What About The IELTS test day tips?
2. Don’t Make Rash Choices
3. Study Up on Some Sample Questions From the IELTS
4. Get Some Shut-eye And Recharge
5. Computer Based Vs Paper Based IELTS Test Day

What About The IELTS test day tips?

Don’t Make Rash Choices

Exam cramming, be it for the IELTS test day or anything else, almost never pays off. Preparing the night before can increase stress and diminish long-term memory.

Prepare for your IELTS exam day by adopting a long-term study plan. Having a day to relax before the exam is a great idea.

Study Up on Some Sample Questions From the IELTS

Gather all of your IELTS test day materials the day before you are scheduled to take the exam. Prepare your testing space and your computer if you want to take the exam at home. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting a refund if something happens to your ID or computer.

The stress of cramming for the IELTS last-minute preparation might be reduced by preparing a test book the night before.

Get Some Shut-eye And Recharge

If you want to improve your attitude, focus, and performance on the IELTS exam day, getting a good night’s sleep before studying online or off will assist. A good night’s sleep is more likely if you stick to a sleep pattern, cut back on caffeine and alcohol a few hours before bed, and engage in regular physical activity.

A few more pieces of advice include not using a phone or internet the night before you take the IELTS and not sleeping during the day.

Computer Based Vs Paper Based IELTS Test Day

The IELTS exams, whether they are paper-based or computer-based[link], are essentially the same as those given at an official IELTS testing center. The reading materials for the IELTS exam day are all available online, so you won’t have to lug around a heavy stack of books. For this essay, typing will replace handwriting. Advantages include the fact that most people can type faster than they can write and therefore alterations are much less time-consuming to implement. While some people prefer online tests, others still prefer the tried-and-true paper version.

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