Table of Contents
1. A Legacy of Excellence
2. International Recognition
3. Prime Location
4. Diverse Academic Programs
5. Pioneering Research Focus
6. Global Partnerships
7. Holistic Learning Experience
8. Emphasis on Entrepreneurship
9. Distinguished Alumni
10. Welcoming International Community
11. Strict Admissions Process
12. The Bottom Line

Bocconi’s rich history echoes through its halls and speaks to its pivotal role in Italy’s industrial transformation. Today, its global recognition and consistent placement in the QS World University Rankings underscore its continued dedication to shaping global intellects. 

Join us as we explore the captivating facts that set Bocconi University apart as an exceptional choice for higher education on the international stage.

A Legacy of Excellence

Established in 1902, the private university is young. After the death of the university’s namesake son, Luigi Bocconi, in the First Italo-Ethiopian War’s Battle of Adwa, the institution was renamed Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi in his honor. 

The school has actively subsidized the tuition of underprivileged and deserving students for generations because Ferdinando Bocconi, the institution’s founder and a wealthy merchant, believed all students should have access to an excellent education.

It was also the first institution in Italy to provide a bachelor’s degree in economics. Bocconi has been at the forefront of Italy’s social and economic modernization for the past century, since its inception.

International Recognition

Bocconi University has earned its place internationally by consistently ranking among the top institutions worldwide. Bocconi University appears in prominent rankings, covering its areas of expertise in economics, management, and the social sciences. 

It secured a spot in the QS World University 2023 Rankings, garnering the 14th rank (4th in Europe) in Social Sciences & Management and ultimately showcasing its commitment to academic brilliance and global impact.

Prime Location

Situated in the vibrant city of Milan, Bocconi University offers the opportunity to thrive in an environment rich in culture, art, and business. Milan’s status as a global fashion and financial hub provides invaluable networking opportunities and a dynamic atmosphere for personal growth.

Diverse Academic Programs

Bocconi University offers an array of academic programs spanning undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. Although renowned for its foundation in economics and business studies, the university’s offerings extend to encompass fields such as law, political science, social sciences, and a breadth of disciplines. The diverse curriculum ensures you can pursue your passions while benefiting from Bocconi’s esteemed academic environment.

Pioneering Research Focus

Bocconi University’s commitment to pioneering research is evident through its many research centers and institutes. Notably, Bocconi scholars are at the forefront of advancements in vital fields. To pursue business, finance, economics, data science, politics, cyber risk, or law at Bocconi is to study at one of the world’s best research universities

With 1,333 research applications submitted, 600 funded, and 44 European Research Council (ERC) funds awarded, it is clear that this institution takes research seriously. Their dedication to pushing intellectual boundaries makes Bocconi a hub of innovation and an institution that fuels global progress.

Global Partnerships

Bocconi University has cultivated partnerships with prestigious institutions worldwide. These collaborations provide students with opportunities for exchange programs, joint degrees, and international experiences that enrich their academic journey.

Holistic Learning Experience

Bocconi goes beyond traditional classroom education, offering students a holistic learning experience. Guest lectures by industry experts, seminars, workshops, and internships equip students with practical skills and insights to excel in their chosen fields.

Emphasis on Entrepreneurship

The university nurtures an entrepreneurial spirit among its students. Through initiatives like Bocconi Start-Up Day and the Bocconi for Innovation project, students have the resources and mentorship needed to bring their innovative ideas to life.

Distinguished Alumni

Bocconi University takes pride in its accomplished alums who have succeeded globally in various sectors. From business leaders to policymakers, Bocconi graduates have significantly impacted their respective fields.

Fun Fact: Italian businesswoman, fashion designer, and model Chiara Ferragni studied law there but did not complete her degree.

Welcoming International Community

Bocconi’s diverse student body represents over 100 nationalities, creating a multicultural environment that fosters global perspectives and cross-cultural interactions. This enriching atmosphere prepares students to thrive in an interconnected world.

International Community at Bocconi University

Strict Admissions Process

The university’s reputation for a low admittance rate of 38% precedes it. It’s not surprising, though, because the university’s Master of Science in Management program is ranked ninth globally, while its Master of Science in Finance program is ranked tenth.

The Bottom Line

Choosing an institution for higher education is a decision of paramount importance. Bocconi University’s legacy of excellence, international recognition, diverse academic programs, and commitment to shaping future leaders make it a compelling choice for aspiring scholars. The university’s location in Milan, its emphasis on entrepreneurship, and its rich history further contribute to its allure.

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