Table of Contents
1. Choosing the Dates That Work Best for You
2. Where Can I Take the SAT Test?
2.2. International SAT Test Center
2.3. Other Test Locations to Consider
3. SAT Exam Dates
4. How Many SATs Do You Need to Take to Get a Good Score?

Is the SAT something you’re contemplating whether you should take or not? Scheduling and preparation are the keys to getting down to the ideal time for your exam. If you have a busy schedule and plan on taking the exam several times, consider how much time you have to prepare and how many times you intend to take it. Read on to discover some important things  about SAT dates.

Choosing the Dates That Work Best for You

When deciding on SAT test dates, keep in mind your own time constraints and create an achievable plan around them. Taking the SAT for the first time should be done whenever possible and as early as you can. If you plan to take the ACT, taking the two examinations simultaneously will allow you to maximize your preparation time. As many as eight to ten weeks before the exam, comprehensive preparatory courses are available.

Where Can I Take the SAT Test?

The SAT is offered in every state and territory of the United States in centrally placed educational institutions, such as high schools, colleges, and universities. You may use the College Board’s online test center finder to discover a testing facility near you. Paper SAT registration packages provide this information as well.

International SAT Test Center

More than 1,000 worldwide test centers in more than 175 countries offer the SAT to international students and U.S. citizens studying abroad. You can use the College Board’s online test center finder to locate worldwide test centers, much like the U.S. In some instances, extra costs and requirements may apply to overseas test centers.

Other Test Locations to Consider

If you reside more than 75 miles away from the U.S. or foreign test facility, you may request a test date and location that is more convenient for you. By creating a test center within 75 miles of your area, the College Board will help you. Not all nations provide this kind of housing.

SAT Exam Dates

The SAT exam takes place 5 or 7 times a year based on location:

March exam date – available worldwide
May exam date – available worldwide
June exam date – only available in the US and Canada
August exam date – available worldwide
October exam date – available worldwide
November exam date – only available in the US and Canada
December exam date – available worldwide

The SAT is offered at centrally-located educational institutions, including high schools, colleges and universities across the world. The SAT is available at over 1,000 international test centers located in more than 175 countries.

How Many SATs Do You Need to Take to Get a Good Score?

You can take the SAT as many times as you like. On the other hand, we don’t think universities will embrace the extracurricular activity of “taking standardized exams.” It would be best to prepare to take the SAT 1–3 times; that’s our recommendation. There’s no need to retake the test after you’ve gotten the score you desire.

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