Everything You Need to Know about the Webinar

Whom is this webinar made for?

SAT exam is about to undergo major changes in 2023, ranging from the timing provided to the structure of the test. This webinar is made for those, who want to be ready for the upcoming changes and be on the front line of SAT preparation.

What is the take away of the webinar?

You’ll not just get your own questions answered (it’s an open Q&A session), but you’ll also learn from the struggles people have who might be already a step ahead in their prep. We’ve got your back covered for all matters!

Meet with our SAT-Head Tutor in a small circle

This webinar is made for everyone who is thinking of preparing for the SAT exam and those who have already started. Shortly said, it for everyone who has questions about any aspect of the SAT exam.

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We are an online test preparation & admission consulting centre and have helped over 1000+ students all over Europe get admitted to their dream school. The targets of our students always come first and we help each and every one of them unlock their true potential to get the best score possible.

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