Table of Contents
1. Why an interview is important?
2. How to prepare for an interview?
3. 10 example interview questions that you can practice your answers to
4. Get expert help ahead of your interview

Why an interview is important? 

The interview is the opportunity to sit down one-to-one with your dream school’s admissions board and tell them you’re the ideal person for the job. In fact, the process itself and the questions are very much like a job interview. 

Remember that you’ve earned this interview based on your merit, so with proper preparation and honest answers, there’s nothing to worry about. Nerves are completely normal but remember to try to relax before you begin. 

The admissions board has asked you for an interview because they want to get to know you – that’s something to keep in mind and make the most of. 

How to prepare for an interview? 

At this point, the admissions team will know your capabilities, they’ll understand your assessment scores, and they’ll have read your personal statement and CV – so what do you need to do to make the most of this process?

You need to meet the expectations that your application has set

The best way to prepare for the interview is with regular practice; fielding questions you might expect from the admissions board, relating your personal story in a succinct and charismatic way and working on your personal presentation skills. 

Work with a peer or a professional admissions consultant so you can answer common questions with ease. 

Practice answers to common interview questions

Most universities will ask things like: ‘Why do you want to study this subject?’ and ‘Why do you want to go to this university?’ but it’s worth investigating the types of questions usually asked by the admissions board at the university that’s given you an interview. 

If you’re doing an MBA then they’ll want to know why you’re doing an MBA and what your career goals and aspirations are. 

Have your answers ready but sound natural and relaxed and be yourself rather than scripted and wooden. 

10 example interview questions that you can practice your answers to

  1.           Tell me something about yourself.
  2.           Walk me through your resume/CV.
  3.           Why have you chosen this school?
  4.           Why are you doing an MBA now or why at this particular stage of your career?
  5.           What are your short-term goals and aspirations? 
  6.           What are your key strengths? 
  7.           Why should we take you?
  8.          Do you have any questions for us?
  9.          Do you mind me asking did you apply to other programs? 
  10.          Were you accepted to other programs and if so which ones? 

A common scenario is getting 4 questions for which you will be given 15 seconds to think of your answer and then 1 minute to answer the question. 

This is why it’s essential to prepare fully ahead of the interview as you can easily repeat yourself or ramble if you’re not used to answering questions in 1 minute.  

These could be questions like: 

  1.               What characteristics should a leader have? 
  2.               What are your long-term goals after the MBA? 

Re-read your personal statement and CV

You might be asked about some of the things you included, so make sure you know exactly what you wrote. You may be asked a question about one of your hobbies if you put them on your CV. 

Take notes

There may be next steps after your interview so take notes if there are. 

Get expert help ahead of your interview

This is an area that we’re experts in at 700+Club and part of our Admissions Consulting also includes mock interview questions, interview scenarios, and more – all of which will help you make an impact in real life that only adds to the rest of your application. 

We know each business school and university and the various programs plus the types of questions they usually ask so we can help prepare you so you dazzle the admissions board when your chance comes to shine. 

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