Are you looking to tackle your INSEAD admissions journey? Dive into our interview with Nancy Blyth Piacentini, Assistant Director, MBA & MIM, Marketing & Recruitment of Admissions at INSEAD, and Lana from the 700+Club. Get the lowdown on what makes INSEAD tick, their programs, and insider tips for nailing that application! Check out our blog—it’s your backstage pass to acing their admissions game. And trust me, you don’t want to miss the video interview insights!

Plus, we’ll show you how the 700+Club’s support can seriously boost your game with personalized guidance. If INSEAD’s your dream, think of us as your GPS through the whole admissions maze!

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Foundations of INSEAD: A Global Community

The idea for what is now known as INSEAD came from the Paris Chamber of Commerce in 1955. Nancy noted, “INSEAD was created to rebuild Europe. We were bringing people from different cultures, ideas, beliefs, and backgrounds together to make responsible leaders and positively impact the world.”

At INSEAD, it’s all about diversity, inclusivity, and leading with ethics—they’re the school’s rock-solid core values. That’s the vibe they ride on, making it a place where everyone’s voice counts! Nancy’s hyping up INSEAD‘s community: it’s a mix of all flavors—cultures, beliefs, backgrounds, you name it! That mashup brings in fresh ideas, making it a rad, forward-moving scene. It’s all about that melting pot, making the ride at INSEAD one heck of an experience!


Programs Tailored for Career Stages

During the interview, we uncovered information about INSEAD’s three-degree awarding programs that you could have a look at depending on where you are in your career. INSEAD’s got something for everyone! MIM for newbies dipping their toes, MBA for mid-career hustlers looking to level up, and Executive MBA for the big shots taking on more gigs. They cover all the bases, suiting every student’s vibe!


Essential Application Components

Nancy spilled the beans on apps—leadership, grades, and those GMAT/GRE scores? They matter! She highlighted, “A high GMAT score will get you noticed, and it sets you apart in the recruitment process.”Oh, and show off that leadership in rec letters and highlight how you’ve grown in those side gigs—key moves!


Strategic Application Timing

Nancy’s calling out the app myth: there’s no “best” round! Don’t rush just for timing’s sake. She’s all about that quality over rushing vibe, and honestly, it’s pretty spot-on! She urged applicants to prioritize readiness, especially when it comes to GMAT/GRE scores and polished essays. Nancy’s got the scoop: apply early for the win! Bag that dream pad and skip the last-minute rush. She’s all about those early birds getting the best worms, so no last round for us!

Pro tip from Nancy: “Don’t run for round one if you’re not ready!”


A Dynamic Campus Experience

Nancy made the campuses sound epic! Fontainebleau’s chill green vibes vs. Singapore’s city buzz—it’s like two worlds. And the chance to hop around Abu Dhabi, San Fran, and China? That’s the global flavor that’s INSEAD’s jam, giving students a taste of everywhere!

Guidance from Career Services

INSEAD’s Career Development Center is a powerhouse with 40+ professionals making dreams happen. Nancy raved about how they link students to the huge alumni crew, making job jumps a smooth ride in any industry, role, or spot on the map.

Crafting a Standout Application

Nancy dropped a bomb tip: Don’t use Google for essay questions! It’s all about being you, not a copy-paste job. She stressed picking a school that’s your vibe match. Shared values matter, and she’s spot-on about rocking that personal touch!


Make it to INSEAD with 700+ Club 

You can see how important guidance is in admissions and how personalized assistance can help. Nancy totally gets what we’re about at 700+Club. Her shoutout confirms how we tailor support, just like she advises on nailing those application details. We’re all about giving that personalized guidance for a smooth INSEAD ride!

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