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1. How to search for MBAs, Masters, and PhD/ doctoral programs
2. Summary has a fantastic resource called program finder. This is for students and lists programs from the world’s top business schools all in one place > 

You can create a profile and search for viable options based on your background, aspirations, and factors such as your GMAT score or the length of your professional experience.

We’ve put together a guide to help you find the school and program of your dreams and create a shortlist for your business school applications.

How to search for MBAs, Masters, and PhD/ doctoral programs

Create a profile

Your profile will ensure that your results are more relevant as you add in details about yourself, where you’re located, and what exactly you’re searching for when it comes to your dream school. Perhaps you want to study in a specific city or country. 

Your GMAT score will play a factor in the results returned as well as the type or types of programs you’re looking for. Add in as much detail about yourself as you can so you don’t have to wade through programs that don’t suit your individual needs.


Location of university 

On the left-hand side of the search page is a tab marked location. This is a simple drop-down menu where you can search for programs based on the town, city, or country they’re based in.

Let’s say you wanted to study in France. You simply select France from the drop-down menu and see the options which come up. Currently, there are 265 results which are listed by the business school, the type of program, the length of the program, and the average GMAT score required.

You can then narrow the search to the city only. If you wanted to see what’s on offer in Paris, France there are 121 options offered currently.


Postgraduate degree type (Master’s, MBA, PhD, Others)

Underneath the location box, you’ll find an option to select the type of program you’re looking for. You can select MBA, Master’s, PhD/ doctoral, or others.

Let’s say you wanted to find an MBA program in Paris, France you’d then select MBA and the tool lists the types of MBA on offer (for example Global Executive MBA), the length of the program (for example, Executive, less than two years, or full-time over two years) and in some cases, it’ll list the GMAT score required. (For example, HEC Paris has a GMAT score of 690 listed).

If you wanted to look for a Master’s program in Paris, France it currently has 75 options listed with the length and GMAT score (in some cases).


Program/attendance type (Executive, full-time, part-time) 

Next, you can narrow down your search based on the length of time you wish to study for. Perhaps you wanted to study for an MBA in Paris, France and do a full-time course. It currently has 24 results listed. For part-time, there are 4 options listed, while for Executive there are 8.


Teaching method (Online, Offline, Hybrid)

Perhaps you have decided that you would like to study remotely or on a campus where you attend classes in person. Select this option to narrow the search further. For example for a Paris, France-based MBA that’s full-time and taught on campus, there are currently 24 results.

As you can see, narrowing the search helps hugely to find something suited to you.


Area of Study 

In the area of the study box, you can add in what type of program you want to do according to your focus. Perhaps you’d like to study management. A drop-down menu will appear with various options that you can select.  You can add several options if you prefer. For a Paris, France-based MBA that’s full-time and taught on campus, and focused on general management there are currently 8 results.

Average GMAT score

Some programs list the average GMAT score required. Perhaps you have a GMAT score of 690 then add that into the box. This will return courses that have a GMAT requirement listed. Do keep in mind that not all business schools list their required GMAT score. 

For the search we have been doing for a Paris, France MBA that’s full-time and taught on campus and focused on management with a GMAT score of 690 or higher there’s currently 1 program listed.

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Program length 

The next option allows you to select whether you’d like to study for 2 years or more, or less. This will really narrow down your options. If you select less than 2 years for the current search we have been doing for a Paris, France-based MBA that’s full-time, taught on campus, and is focused on management with a GMAT requirement of 690 or higher, the same result for 1 program comes up.


Professional experience required by the program

This option allows you to check if you have the required amount of professional experience required for your dream school’s program. Select how many years of work you have done from options that range from none to 11 years or more. For the current search adding 6-10 years of professional experience into the search box returns 1 program.

Additional features 

Clicking on the results allows you to go to a dedicated page for each program. You’ll see everything from tuition fees to whether the school offers financial aid. It has details such as the full professional experience range, application start dates and practical information about where the business school is located and other programs it offers.

You can save programs and come back to them later when you’re ready to dig in and start to do your research. 

You can choose and compare up to 5 programs with each other.


Summary offers a brilliant resource for students who are looking for business schools and the different types of programs they offer across the globe. Creating a profile and using the search criteria to help narrow down your search is key.

If you’re busy honing your business school shortlist this tool is a helpful one to have to hand.

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