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Imagine acing the GMAT, and then teaching others how to do the same. Our tutors help thousands of students do just that.

Tutors that:

  • ✔ Know the course material in-and-out
  • ✔ Understand your exact learning style
  • ✔ Double down on your strengths, and help cover your weaknesses
  • ✔ Know what motivates students when they hit mental roadblocks
  • ✔ Can teach you ‘tips and tricks’ that go beyond subejct knowledge

When you’re sacrificng free time from your busy schedule to prepare for the GMAT; you want to learn from the best in class.

How Our Courses Are Structured

Steps 1-3 for GMAT Success

The 700+ Club GMAT preparation is split into 3 key steps, each bringing you closer to your target score.

Steps cannot be skipped, as each step prepares you for the next.

You’ll undergo a mix of: learning in a team during our classes, practicing at home, test-simulations, and 1-on-1 feedback with your tutor.

By the time you’ve completed the ‘Grind’ step, you’ll be fully prepared to sit the exam!

Step 1: Foundation

Working on fundamental knowledge to create a solid foundation for your exam

Step 2: Practice

Following the study plan and practicing a variety of exercises- with constant feedback from your tutors.

Step 3: Grind

Testing your preparation by taking our simulation tests with 1-1 critique from tutors.

Want more information on how we help you progress through each stage?

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Success Rate of 700+ Club

Interesting fact: The average GMAT score in Italy is 575. 700+ of our students have scored an average of 685 over the past year.


of students reached their target score


of students recommend 700+Club


of students got into their dream university

Our Students Are The Real Stars

Matteo Tronconi

Completely satisfied with the course. The tutors Anshul (for the Quantitative part) and Lana (for the Verbal part) have an impressive knowledge of the GMAT, and there wasn’t any aspect they couldn’t advise me on.

The thing that struck me about the most was how available the tutors were. Whenever I got stuck, it was enough to send them a message on WhatsApp and the problem would be resolved.

Without their help, I wouldn’t have been able to score 750 on the GMAT in such little time.

Federico Toglia

I had the good fortune and pleasure to meet Anshul and Lana a few months ago. Two magnificent professionals, as well as humans.

Right from the beginning, their availability to help students during the course, and afterwards, pleasantly surprised me.

If I had a problem, I’d send them a picture on WhatsApp, and the problem would always get resolved.

This allowed me to get accepted into a top European business school.

Thank you again for the splendid experience.

Emanuele Canino

I attended the intensive course three times a week. Everything was perfect, with each micro-detail of the GMAT explained excellently.

The two tutors, Ansh and Lana were friendly, kind and always available possible explanations via messages, Facebook and email.

Furthermore, you have the chance to sit mock exams. An excellent experience that gives you a taste of what to expect on exam day, so you don’t get overly nervous.

I wholeheartedly recommend this school to anyone interested in taking the GMAT.

Our Prices

All Courses Include

  • Evaluation Test
  • 3-Step Study Plan (Foundation, Practice, Grind)
  • Access to our Exclusive Online platform
  • Unlimited Support
  • Regular Reporting
  • All study material + Official Guide

Group Course

€ 1.999

  • 50 Hours
  • Atleast 6 full simulations
  • Small classes
  • Peer to Peer learning

Individual Course

€ 2.999

  • 43 Hours
  • At least 6 full simulations
  • 1-to-1 courses
  • Adapted and customised to individual needs

For students who need to take the IELTS Exam, we offer the complete package!

GMAT group course + 20 hours of IELTS course at the price of 3.298€ instead of 3.498€

Explore Our Schedule

All of our group classes begin during the first few days of each month, with small groups, to ensure the best learning experience.

50h Group Course GMAT

Start Date: Mon, 31.01.2022

End Date: Thu, 24.03.2022

50h Group Course GMAT

Start Date: Wed, 02.02.2022

End Date: Thu, 24.03.2022

Why Choose Us?

Certified Instructors

Our instructors who are amongst the top 1% of GMAT scorers worldwide

Clear Blueprint-

Insider strategies that are essential to succeed in the GMAT

Modern Learning

All the study material and resources you’ll need in one online platform

Simulated Tests

Take tests that are identical to the GMAT, so you know what to expect on exam day

Refresher Sessions

1-on-1 feedback and group discussion that allow you to learn form others’ mistakes

Satisfaction Guaranteed

98% of our students pass their GMAT, on to bigger better things in life

Make an informed, educated decision

Before registering for classes, discuss your goals and obstacles with an advisor, to see if our course is the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's never too early to start preparing for an important exam. Most students begin preparation around 3 months in advance, bearing in mind the application deadlines of their target schools.

However, there's nothing wrong with starting sooner to make sure you're super confident when it's time to take the GMAT.

Most people fail to get the score they want in their GMAT because of a preparation gap, and not because of a talent gap. If you haven’t been successful in getting the score you need, we’ll prepare you so we can finally hit your target together!

Just 1 hour with one of our tutors is as beneficial as 5 hours of self-study.

Studying with a 700+Club tutor will save you so much time, plus equip you with great insights into the GMAT exam format and everything you need to do to be totally prepared.

98% of our students achieve their target score, by preparing with the top 1% of GMAT tutors worldwide.

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Get a free consultation

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