Are you daydreaming of getting into IESE? Well, guess what? We’ve got the inside scoop for you. The 700+Club recently kicked back for an exclusive chat with Luisa Amaral, the Admissions Associate Director over at IESE Business School.

In this laid-back convo, we’re spilling the beans on all things IESE—the MBA program, how to slide through the admissions process, and what makes IESE shine in the sea of business schools. Grab a seat; it’s about to get real.


Getting to know IESE: more than just an MBA

Alright, so picture this: IESE Business School, chillin’ in the lively city of Barcelona, is like the big shot in the world of executive education. They’re not messing around; they’ve got this diverse lineup of programs, especially their rockstar MBA that’s known worldwide. 

Whether you’re a top-tier exec, a middle-of-the-road manager, or a young gun ready to make waves, IESE’s got a program just for you. It’s like a choose-your-own adventure, but for your career path. Cool, huh?

Personal touch in Admissions: the IESE difference

So, what makes IESE stand out in the wild world of business schools? Well, it’s all about their personal and values-driven vibe when it comes to admissions. Luisa Amaral, the Admissions Associate Director (and an MBA grad herself), spills the beans on how they roll. They’re not just looking for brainiacs; they want folks with ambition, a heart for societal impact, and a vibe that clicks with the school’s values.

And get this: the whole admissions dance at IESE isn’t a cookie-cutter deal. It’s all about you, baby. They want you to chat with the admissions crew, stroll around the campus, and really soak up the IESE vibe before making any big decisions. 

Luisa gives us the lowdown on why this personal touch matters—it’s not just about your GMAT scores or ticking off some prerequisites. It’s about finding your groove in the IESE scene. Groovy, right?

Diversity as a cornerstone: beyond corporate backgrounds

Hold up, IESE isn’t just throwing around the word “diversity” like it’s a cool catchphrase; they’re all in on it. The school is on the hunt for peeps from all walks of life, not just the usual corporate crew. Opera singers, ballet dancers, Bollywood actors, and even divers—yep, they’re all welcome at IESE.

And get this, their teaching game, the case method, is all about soaking in different viewpoints. Diversity isn’t just a checkbox at IESE; it’s a legit commitment. They’re not just into your grades; they want to know what cool experiences you’re bringing to the table. It’s like creating this dynamic vibe where future business big shots are prepped for the real deal in the global business scene. Talk about shaking things up!


The GMAT dilemma: more than scores

So, the GMAT is in the mix when you’re throwing your hat in the ring at IESE. But get this, it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal. Luisa emphasizes how its importance can swing depending on when you’re applying, if you’re eyeing scholarships, and what your background looks like.

During the chat, Luisa also spoke about her own roller coaster with the GMAT. She took that test multiple times, proving that persistence and preparation are key. It’s not just about the numbers on that scorecard; it’s more about showing off what you’ve got in the tank and making sure it syncs up with what IESE holds dear. It’s like saying, “Hey, look beyond the digits—I’m the real deal, and I vibe with IESE’s values.”


The campus experience: Barcelona magic and IESE culture

Okay, so IESE being in Barcelona gives the whole experience an extra kick. Imagine a bunch of students hitting the city together for the first time. It’s like a mix of excitement and vulnerability that creates this awesome bond in the class. And don’t get me started on the campus—spots like the terrace with its killer view and the south campus cafeteria turn it into more than just a study spot; it’s a whole community vibe.

Now, the culture at IESE is all about teaming up and being cozy with your peers. They’re big on the case method, a fancy term for learning by doing. It’s not just about theories; it’s about getting those decision-making skills ready for the real business hurdles.

And check this out: IESE’s alumni network is a rock-solid connection. They’ve got chapters in big cities worldwide, becoming a goldmine for grads hunting jobs globally. The interview even hypes up thinking about where you want to work post-MBA, and IESE’s alumni network is like having a passport to opportunities in different cities.

When it comes to career moves, IESE’s Career Development Center is your backstage pass. The numbers don’t lie—a bunch of students making a “triple jump” in career, geography, and job function after their MBA is proof that IESE’s got some serious career game going on.


Choosing IESE: The triple combo

Why does IESE rock over other business schools? First up, they’ve got diversity—IESE’s got a mix like no other. Then there’s the unique culture, and don’t forget the case method. It’s not just about classes; it’s about getting ready to tackle the craziness of the global business world.

Oh, and by the way, IESE’s sitting pretty as the third-best MBA program in the world, thanks to the Financial Times. It’s like a gold star for their killer program structure and all the cool chances they throw at their students. IESE is basically the place to be if you’re serious about leveling up in the business game.


Getting into IESE journey with 700+Club

Gaining admission into IESE is a bit of a challenge, no doubt, but it’s totally worth it. If you’re aiming to be part of the IESE crew, you better prepare for that GMAT and maybe get some help from admissions consulting services.

Now, in the wild world of competitive business education, the 700+Club is your go-to buddy on this admissions rollercoaster. If you’re eyeing an MBA, these folks can hook you up with some killer GMAT prep and admissions consulting wizardry, making sure you’re bringing your A-game to the IESE admissions team.

So, wrapping it up, if you’ve got dreams of rocking it at IESE, take a page from Luisa’s book, soak in the vibes of IESE’s cool culture, and think about leaning on experts like the 700+Club to navigate that admissions maze. Your journey to IESE could be a game-changer, launching you into a kickass and satisfying career in the wild world of business leadership. Go crush it!

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