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Why Prep With Us

Other Courses

  • No Additional Mock Tests, Simulations & Materials

  • No 24/7 Access to Tutor Support

  • Unknown Tutor Quality 

  • Payment Upfront

Our IELTS Course

  • Up to 20 hours of tutoring

  • Taught by 99th percentile tutors

  • Includes official IELTS materials
  • 700+ Club exclusive simulations, mock tests & curated materials

  • Pay in 3 Instalments

Private Tutors

  • Specialise in Only One Area

  • No Learning Platform to Practice

  • No Access to 24/7 Tutor Support

  • Very Expensive

Our IELTS courses.

Individual Courses.

  • 20 hours of tutoring

  • You will have your personal mentor and learn in a 1:1 setting

  • Flexible to meed your schedule and needs

Platform Only.

  • 90 days of prep platform access

  • Learn On-Demand at your own pace

  • Opportunity to add on 1:1 tutor time later for additional support

Why choose us.

We are Europe’s #1 test prep centre

The Smart Way To Learn

700+Club makes studying efficient, easy, and fun with our bespoke study packs. Track your progress on our Prep platforms, identify any gaps in your knowledge, and improve them quickly.

World-Class Study

Our uniquely structured course has been created for you by the world’s top (99th percentile) exam scorers who have gone on to become tutors. Enjoy 24/7 access to support from them and benefit from everything they have learned.

Practice On-The-Go

Our Prep platforms allow you to undertake mock exams. Log in any time to enjoy a mix of official and 700+Club simulations, quizzes, and tests to improve your knowledge and confidence whenever and wherever you like.

Join an Elite Community

Connect directly with our other students in our Discord community platform. Network with our alumini (who are now working at the world’s leading firms in a variety of sectors) and top university partners. You’ll also be invited to our community events.

No matter what stage of your application, we’ve got what you need.

GMAT student exam testimonial

“The GMAT Prep helped me to get into the first program that I was applying to.”

Silvia, GMAT

GRE student exam testimonial

“Without 700+, it would not have been possible. I’m very pleased with the results.”

Andres, GRE

SAT student exam testimonial

“The program provided me with the right method to take the test.”

Niccolo, SAT