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1-on-1 Individual Courses

Course Structure

Every 700+Club course is built on our 3-step structure proven to achieve test success: Foundation, Practice and Grind. Together, these 3 steps ensure you know all basics, learn how to solve every question, and recognise and overcome your weaknesses.


Unser GRE-Kurs beinhaltet vollen Zugang zu den 700+Club GRE-Materialien, in denen du Übungsaufgaben findest, und den offiziellen GRE-Simulationen. Diese Kombination aus offiziellem und digitalem Vorbereitungsmaterial stellt sicher, dass du sich optimal auf deine Prüfung vorbereiten wirst.


Our online-only course design makes it possible for students worldwide to benefit from our industry-leading tutors. Each 700+Club tutor is a 99th percentile achiever with years of tutoring experience who enjoys nothing more than seeing you succeed. They supplement their academic support with test mindset guidance and valuable life skills you won't find anywhere else.


Early on in the course, you'll cover all quant and verbal foundation work .

Next, you'll focus on at-home practice and join weekly classes with your tutor.

In this final phase, you'll fine-tune your skills with simulation tests and overcome each error noted in your logbook.

GRE student exam preparation review

Ich habe es geschafft, das gewünschte Ergebnis zu erzielen, was für den Erfolg meiner Bewerbung entscheidend war.


GRE Student

GRE student exam preparation review

Mit Hilfe des 700+Clubs konnte ich mein Vertrauen in meine Fähigkeiten stärken.


GRE Student

Eine GRE-Vorbereitungsoption für alle.

Did you know that 1hr with a tutor is equal to 5hr studying alone?

Individueller Kurs

Der GRE-Einzelkurs umfasst 41 Stunden und kann an deine persönlichen Bedürfnisse angepasst werden.

  • 1-3 month, depending on your prep time

  • 1-3 sessions per week, depending on your daily schedule

  • 2hr sessions

  • 1 to 1 studying

  • GRE Official materials + Simulations

  • 700+ Club Specialist Course Materials

  • Completely Virtual Classes

  • Adaptive Tests

  • GRE Success Strategies

Don’t risk your application.

Whatever the test you need to take, we can help take the pressure off and get your best score. Period.

Individual GRE
41hr of study
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98% success rate
All 700+Club Materials
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