Table of Contents
1. Why take GRE? – Everything You Need To Know And Even More
2. Comprehensive Guide To Take The GRE Exam
3. How Important Is GRE?
4. Essential Parts Of GRE exam
4.1 Analytical Writing
4.2 Verbal Reasoning
4.3 Quantitative Reasoning
5. What About The Grades?
5.1 a table of scores for each stage of the GRE
6. How And Where Can I Take GRE?

Comprehensive Guide To Take The GRE Exam

If you decided to take the GRE exam, let’s get back to the basics and find out what purpose it serves, what it is used for, and where can you pass it. Welcome to our guide where you can find all the answers!

How Important Is GRE? 

First things first, let’s answer why you should take the GRE exam and what it actually is? GRE is a standardized test required for a variety of universities. Mainly, in the USA. The test takes its history since 1936 and includes three important criteria extremely useful while studying for a Business Master’s Degree. These are analytical writing along with verbal and quantitative reasoning.

Essential Parts Of GRE exam

Analytical Writing

Analytical Writing gives you an opportunity to protect the chosen idea not only with expressions and emotions but with arguments, samples, and pieces of evidence. Sounds serious, right? Just use your pencil, paper, and mind. 

Verbal Reasoning

This part of the GRE test helps you to examine and assess the written material, and comprehend the link between parts of the sentences, words, and ideas. 

Quantitative Reasoning 

What are your relations with math? GRE Quantitative Reasoning is designed to check it. It will evaluate your level of basic mathematical definitions and concepts knowledge. Another important step is to find out how you interact with solving the issues with a quantitative approach. 

What About The Grades?

As we carefully examined the GRE purpose and the stages of the test, let’s move further. Wait, but what makes GRE stand out from the crowd of other standardized tests? It’s your ability to pick grades you’ll submit to universities once you’ve taken GRE exam. Yes, you’ve heard it right. If you’re not satisfied with the results of the exam, you can retake it. 

When applying for a degree, you must take this test several months in advance, even though the results will be kept for five years. The fact is that it will take time to evaluate your paper and time to deliver the scores to your future university. No worries at all, GRE will send it for you. 

Here’s a table of scores for each stage of the GRE:

  1. Between 130 to 170 for Verbal Reasoning.
  2. Between 130 to 170 for Quantitative Reasoning.
  3. Between 0 and 6 for Analytical Writing.

How And Where Can I Take GRE?

If you want to take the GRE exam, you can do it almost everywhere. The overall number of countries exceeds 160 with more than a thousand specialized test centers. If you want to pass the test, there are a few options. 

  • The first one, you can take the GRE online, as it’s available with a few clicks only on your computer throughout the year.  
  • The second option is to take GRE test on paper. Yes, it’s an option too! Just choose a country where it’s possible and select the appropriate month. As the paper test procedure is available for three months: October, November, and February. 

The average price of GRE is about 205USD nearly everywhere you’re going to pass it. Hopefully, our guide will be useful while passing a GRE. Good luck with your future business career!  

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