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1. When to Take the IELTS Examination?
2. Where to Take the IELTS Test?

When moving to a country where English is not the native tongue, taking the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam may be required for admission to universities, for professional licensing, or for other reasons.

The name of the test gives it away: more than 50 countries are represented among the 140 or so testing locations globally. Once an individual meets the minimum standards, they are eligible to submit an application for a visa to study or work in the target nation.

Furthermore, when it comes to choosing the location or time to take the IELTS near me, most people get confused and choose the wrong IELTS exam date or place, which may be inconvenient for you. This could potentially hurt your performance on the test and affect your overall grade.

You should thus verify that your selected testing date is offered at a location close to you. This will put your mind at ease and make you more prepared for the exam.

When to Take the IELTS Examination?

There is no hard and fast rule concerning the IELTS test date. The test is available at your disposal all through the year. However, your exam will differ greatly depending on the day you pick.

January, May, and September are the three months in which the IELTS examination is scheduled, in accordance with the new regulations from IDP and the British Council. When the January exam is over, the syllabus is updated such that it covers half of what was covered previously.

The remainder of the curriculum comprises brand-new material that will appear on the May exam. The biggest issue is that it’s unclear whether certain elements from the existing curriculum will be dropped or kept.

So, you should proceed with IELTS exam date booking during the third or final week of a certain period. For instance, in April, August, and December. That way you’ll have four months to spare to study for the test. Furthermore, the curriculum announced at the beginning of the period will be maintained until the examination, so there will be no need to adjust to a new syllabus.

Where to Take the IELTS Test?

Since IELTS is taken in two forms – offline and online, you must select the IELTS test center properly. If the location is inconvenient for you, things can get complicated and ruin the entire examination.

So, to help you in this process, we have given you some tips to find and book the IELTS testing center.

  1. Always ensure the location is verified and licensed to organize the IELTS examination.
  2. Check the location type before proceeding further. For instance, in some cities, tests are organized in schools or colleges, while business or commercial buildings are preferred in others.
  3. In addition, you also need to be cautious of the location’s distance from your dwelling place.


It may seem simple to locate an IELTS test center near me, but in fact, this is not the case. If the chosen testing location does not live up to your expectations, you may find it difficult to finish the exam. The best time to take the exam is when you feel most prepared. Try your luck!

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