Table of Contents
1. Online GRE Exam Peculiarities
2. What About The GRE Exam Requirements?

Online GRE Exam Peculiarities

Students who want to take the General Test or GRE online test at home rather than at a testing center can do so safely and comfortably. This is what you’ll need to know:

  • All colleges and universities accept GRE online exam
  • Except for mainland China and Iran, where the GRE General Test is generally offered, this test is available wherever the nation of your account address is.
  • It’s exactly the same as a test you’d take at a testing center.
  • You take the test at home on your computer under the supervision of a human proctor via ProctorU®.
  • You can schedule an appointment as soon as 24 hours after registering, it’s available 24/7, seven days a week.

What About The GRE Exam Requirements?


It’s only possible to utilize a desktop or laptop computer, not a tablet or other mobile device.

The operating system for the personal computer (PC): Windows 10 or 8

OS X 10.5 or above for the Mac (10.13 High Sierra is recommended).

Browsers such as ChromeTM and Firefox are available.

What About GRE Test Software?

Installing and Using a Browser Check

The ETS Secure Test Browser can be downloaded and installed on the computer you intend to use for the online GRE exam. After downloading the file, execute it to complete the installation of the browser. When you see the following message, you can shut down your browser “We’ve Done It! The ETS secure test browser has been installed on your computer.”

Make Sure You Get The Windows Version Of The App.

Using the computer you plan to use to take the GRE online test, run the ProctorU® Equipment Check. The equipment check is a must, and if it fails, you must address any problems before the exam. A live professional from ProctorU is on-call to assist you at all times.

The test delivery software can be interfered with by computer firewalls and security apps. Prior to taking the GRE online exam, disable or modify your programs if you are having trouble.


In order to hear the proctor, you can use an internal or external speaker.

Earphones and headsets are not permitted.


You can interact with the proctor using an external or internal microphone that is not part of a headset.


A built-in camera in the computer, or a standalone webcam, can be used to record while GRE system test.

Your tabletop surface must also be viewable in 360 degrees by the proctor before a test is given to you.

GRE Exam Requirements for the Environment and Testing Space

  • Complete Privacy
  • During the test, you must be the only one in the room.
  • Taking the exam at a public location like a park, internet cafe, or restaurant is not permitted.
  • Before you begin the test, make sure that all of the doors in the room are shut.

Tabletop and Work Space While GRE System Test

  • A desk or other tabletop surface is required for the placement of your computer and keyboard.
  • Place your table and chairs such that the proctor can see the room’s door. At check-in, the proctor may insist on you completing this step.
  • There must be no cell phones, cameras, notes, or study materials on the tabletop or surrounding area during the test, except when checking in for the test. It is not necessary to remove the existing furnishings and decorations from the space.
  • Obviously, you cannot sit or lie on a bed, couch, or overstuffed chair; you must sit in a normal chair.
  • During the examination, no food or drink will be permitted.

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