Table of Contents
1. GMAT Online System Requirements
1.1 System Preparations
2. Online GMAT Rules

GMAT Online System Requirements

GMAT online exam day is quickly approaching, are you up to speed?

Here at 700+ Club, we pride ourselves on efficiency and clarity; aiming to decrease the work you put in, so you have more time to prepare for things that matter. Use this simple guide to guarantee your computer, system, and internet is good to go; dodging those pesky technical issues before they occur. 

System Preparations

1. Download the Browser

Prior to taking the online exam, download a secure browser where all your answers will be recorded. (If you’re reading this, you already have a browser window open.)

2. Run an Online System Test

Make sure your Wi-Fi, sound, browser, and computer are cooperating well with a system test. Do NOT wait until exam day to complete a system test.

Online GMAT Rules

If this is your first GMAT online exam, make sure you know the process:

  1. Check in 15 minutes early.
  2. The proctor will perform a 360 degree room scan via webcam.
  3. All additional electronics must be powered off/out of the room: phones, computers, ipads, tablets, smart devices, watches, etc. Also- no headphones!
  4. Prepare your whiteboard* and markers. No physical paper products are allowed: notebooks, books, papers, pens. If you are planning to use the electronic whiteboard, keep in mind to practice before the exam.
  5. No eating, chewing gum, smoking, or drinking anything besides a transparent glass of water.
  6. Bathroom breaks or leaving the computer station for any reason is not allowed. You will have two 8 minute breaks so take care to plug in your computer and use the restroom before you begin the check-in process.

*Make sure you comply with physical whiteboard requirements, read everything you need to know about the whiteboard here

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