Table of Contents
1. Check When the SAT Will Be Offered
2. Determine Your Schedule
3. Choose Your SAT Exam Date and Register Immediately
4. How to Register for SAT Online?

Check When the SAT Will Be Offered

Examine the SAT dates for the upcoming academic year. Consider the SAT exam registration deadline for each exam day as well. (There is usually a deadline, as well as late registration costs)

Determine Your Schedule

You can do the SAT beginning freshman year, but we recommend that students begin studying for it in the spring or summer before junior year.

Choose Your SAT Exam Date and Register Immediately

Once you determine when you’ll be taking the SAT Exam, try to register for it. If you delay until the last second before registering, there may not be any available slots in the testing locations surrounding you.

How to Register for SAT Online?

The most convenient way to register for the SAT is to do it online. For the SAT online registration, ensure you have a photo and a method of payment before registering. Here are some general tips to know:

  • For the SAT test registration, you can register online at the College Board website or by mail via the form in the Student Registration Booklet. Contact your school psychologist for a copy of the registration booklet if you need to do a form registration.
  • Ensure that the details you provide (complete name, address, etc.) correspond to your photo ID information.
  • You are responsible for registering for the SAT on your own. Your parents or school counselor can’t help you register.
  • Be aware that there will be registration fees.
  • For identification purposes, you’ll need to provide a photo of yourself.
  • Remember to bring your Admissions Ticket with you; it will be required on the day of your test.
  • You can choose to use The College Board’s Student Search Service or not. It’s free, but you’ll have to answer certain questions about yourself, such as your GPA or your college degree, to join. Students can then be found by colleges and scholarship organizations using the information they supply (and send them info about their programs).

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