Table of Contents
1. All You Need To Know About GRE Online
1.1 Can I Use A Whiteboard For The GRE?
1.2 GRE Test Online Versus Paper Test- Is GRE At Home Easier?

All You Need To Know About GRE Online

When taking the GRE online training, students can do it without ever having to leave the comfort of their own homes or office. To help you out here is some information:

  • The online GRE exam is accepted by all colleges and universities.
  • The GRE General Test can be taken anywhere in the world, except in mainland China and Iran, where the GRE General Test is generally provided.
  • It’s just like taking an exam at a testing facility.
  • ProctorU allows you to take the GRE test online from the comfort of your own home while being monitored by a human proctor.
  • You can make an appointment within 24 hours of signing up, and we’re available around the clock, seven days a week, to help.

Can I Use A Whiteboard For The GRE?

You will be permitted to use a physical whiteboard with a dry erase marker or a piece of paper with a transparent sheet protector and erasable marker – so no worries and only practice if you believe it is required. GRE whiteboard size should be the size of the paper that you can easily write on while having a pen and a sponge.

GRE Test Online Versus Paper Test- Is GRE At Home Easier?

There are significant disparities between the GRE online training and the paper GRE. The GRE computer-based exam is the world’s most popular test. Furthermore, whereas online GRE prep tests are available all year, paper-based exams are only available three times per year.

Of course, the GRE test online is a more convenient option. You can view your verbal and quantitative component stages at the GRE exam center. If you take the GRE paper exam, however, you may have to wait up to six weeks for your results.

Moreover, unlike the paper-based GRE, the GRE test online is section-adaptive. Each of the verbal GRE online practice and quantitative GRE exam online practice has two stages. How well you do in the first section of each of these two topic areas determines the difficulty level of the second section. It not only distinguishes you from the throng, but it also delivers a more true picture of your abilities as a test taker.

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