Table of Contents
1. Online GMAT Whiteboard Requirements
1.1 GMAT Physical Whiteboard
2. GMAT Online Whiteboard

Online GMAT Whiteboard Requirements

Taking the GMAT online is efficient, simple, and user-friendly; the technical requirements and whiteboard rules are not. Comply with this list of conditions to ensure your online GMAT testing goes smoothly.

Applicants are allowed to use a physical whiteboard, the GMAT’s online whiteboard, or both.

GMAT Physical Whiteboard

If you’re a test taker who prefers to write manually, grab a physical whiteboard from any office supply store or order online (factor in test date and shipping time).

The main requirements consist of: 

  • Whiteboard sizing of under 12in x 20in (30cm x 50cm)
  • 2 maximum dry erase markers
  • 1 whiteboard eraser (tissue paper is not allowed)

You will be asked during the check-in procedure to conduct a 360-degree room check using your webcam, and show the front/back of the whiteboard in the start/breaks/end of the exam.

GMAT Online Whiteboard

For electronic-savvy test-takers, utilize the online whiteboard by selecting the whiteboard icon located in the exam navigation header bar. The online whiteboard is limitless, no erasing necessary, so scroll onwards with your work.

700+ Club highly recommends you try out the online whiteboard feature before you use it as your primary writing area on the exam.

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