Table of Contents
1. How much time is required to prepare for IELTS?
2. What time IELTS results will be out?
2.1 Paper-based IELTS result time
2.2 Computer based IELTS result time

How much time is required to prepare for IELTS?

Finding time to indulge in one’s passions is a challenge for the vast majority of us. Due to time constraints, we frequently gave up on attempts to acquire new knowledge. Do not let this happen to you when studying for the IELTS. Time to start studying begins on the day you schedule your exam and submit your registration.

“Spend at least 30 days (or preferably 6-8 weeks) studying grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking in preparation for the IELTS. We also advise test-takers to spend three to four hours daily honing their test-taking abilities, techniques, and speed.”

Relaxing your guard and waiting a month to start the average preparation time for IELTS increases the likelihood that you may lose out on some crucial information. Learn everything you need to know to ace the IELTS exam right here! How much time should you allocate to learning each of the IELTS’s four modules, and how should you approach the exam itself?

You, as an examinee, need to allow adequate time to prepare for IELTS. In addition, you’ll need to devote more time to IELTS prep if you want to achieve a band score of 7 or higher. Once again, this varies from student to student. If your English is above average, you should plan to spend at least six to eight weeks studying the IELTS preparation program.

But if you’re exceptionally fluent in English, you might not need that much time to get ready. Weekend study is part of the required average preparation time for IELTS, and a total of three to four hours per day is recommended.

What time will IELTS results be out?

Paper-based IELTS result time

After taking the IELTS, you’ll have to wait 13 days to see your results.

Computer based IELTS result time

After three to five days from the date of your test, you will receive your scores.

IELTS is not a pass/fail exam, so don’t worry about getting a grade. There is a 9-band scale for your IELTS score, and each university, overseas company, and nation has its own minimum score criteria. Detailed section-by-section IELTS test scores are supplied. Institutions and governments often look favorably upon a total score of 6.5, with band scores of 6 or above in each of the four parts.

Your IELTS test results time will be released in one of three ways, depending on which version of the exam you took.

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