Table of Contents
1. How Much Does the IELTS Test Cost?
2. How to Refund IELTS Fee?
3. Is There Any IELTS Fee for Rescheduling the Examination?

How Much Does the IELTS Test Cost?

Since IELTS is administered by two separate organizations (the British Council and the International Development Program of Australian Universities and Colleges), there will be some variation in the total cost.

Further, the IELTS registration fee varies according to your ultimate goals. An exam in basic life skills, for instance, will be cheaper than one for immigration or a student visa to the United Kingdom.

Therefore, knowing the entire list of the cost of the IELTS exam is much better, especially since the amount charged is no less. For the IELTS organized by the British Council, the average fees will be:

  1. Paper and computer-based IELTS examination, for academic training: EUR 239.90 to EUR 249.69 (USD 245 to USD 255)
  2. UK visas and immigration to the country through IELTS for general: EUR 210.2 to EUR 244.79 (USD 215 to USD 250)

If the examination council is IDP, the IELTS registration fees will change. Therefore, you need to be concerned about both processes so that no financial hurdle can deter you from taking the exams.

How to Refund IELTS Fee?

If you want to cancel your examination, you need to submit the IELTS cancellation fee positively without fail. A cancellation fee equal to 25% of the total registration cost will be assessed after the request is submitted. The remaining 75% of your IELTS registration cost will be returned to you.

Canceling an exam three weeks in advance is required for a computer-based exam, while five weeks in advance is required for a paper-based exam. If you don’t follow this rule, you’ll get a smaller or no refund at all.

Is There Any IELTS Fee for Rescheduling the Examination?

For rescheduling the exam date, 25% of the IELTS fees submitted at registration will be deducted. Scheduling will be done once, and if the candidate fails to appear on the second date, no further refund will be provided.


Once you’ve determined the IELTS exam cost, you may move on with registering for the test without procrastinating any longer. The seats are plenty, but they fill up fast. If you’re late again, you might not be able to attend the session.

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