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1. How Much Does It Cost To Take The GRE? – All You Need To Know
2. Everything About The GRE Cost
3. What Is The Cost Of GRE?
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How Much Does It Cost To Take The GRE? – All You Need To Know

Before we get to the details of GRE pricing, let’s remind ourselves what the GRE definition is and what it stands for. The GRE, a standardized test, is required of all university candidates. It is most common in the United States. There are three primary components to the test for a Business Master’s degree. This set includes analytical writing, as well as verbal and mathematical reasoning.

The General Record Examination is what the GRE stands for. In order to measure a student’s intellectual preparation for high school graduation, the Educational Testing Service (ETS) devised and administers this test. Subject tests, such as those in mathematics, psychology, or physics, may be required in addition to a candidate’s GRE General Test score, depending on the school’s requirements.

Everything About The GRE Cost

When it comes to the cost of the GRE test,  It is important to note that all rates for GRE test fees and tests-related services include all applicable taxes. Prices sent to ETS do not include local taxes owed by customers in jurisdictions where such taxes are required to be reported. Taxes due to the local tax authorities must be paid by the customer in these situations. ETS is not liable or responsible for collecting and remitting those taxes on behalf of the consumer.

What Is The Cost Of GRE?

Except in Australia, China, India, Nigeria, and Turkey, the GRE General Test fee costs $205. Turkey has the most expensive test GRE registration fee, costing $255 to complete. It costs $231.30 in China, $213 in India, and $226 in Nigeria.

A 50% fee discount is available to those who are unable to pay due to financial constraints. Nevertheless, the number of fee reductions available is limited, and they are distributed according to the principle of first-come, first-served. A jobless college graduate or senior in college are among the groups that qualify for fee reductions.

Added expenses

In some cases, there are additional charges. It will cost $50 each time you need to reschedule your exam or switch testing locations. In China, you may expect to pay $53.90 to reschedule your flight. There is a $25 late GRE registration fee for online registration.

Payment Details

Credit/debit cards, PayPal, e-check services for US bank accounts, money orders, certified checks, and vouchers are all valid payment methods for computer-based exams. In your NEEA account, you will find instructions on how to make payments in mainland China. Additionally, the paper-based version offers Western Union Quick Pay as an additional payment option for GRE test costs. There are only a few payment options available in Nigeria, and they are all associated with credit cards and PayPal.

Preparation Guides

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