Table of Contents
1. Send GMAT Scores to Your Target Schools
2. Types of Score Reports
2.1 Enhanced Score Report
2.2 Unofficial Score Report
2.3 Official GMAT Score Report
3. How to Send the GMAT Online Score Report?
4. How to Send the In-Person GMAT Test Score Report?
4.1 Pre-select your top five schools
4.2 Select your schools later

Send GMAT Scores to Your Target Schools

The hard part is over, and YOU did it! Before you sit back and relax, share some of that good news with the world, would you? It’s time to send your GMAT scores to your top school picks.

Types of Score Reports

Enhanced Score Report

Applicants who pull an ESR do so to better understand their test’s strengths and weaknesses. It is an accurate reflection of how you control your time, providing valuable insight to question difficulty, time allocation, and section breakdown. You do not need to accept the GMAT score in order to pull your ESR. 

Unofficial Score Report

Once your exam ends, phew, you’ll promptly receive an unofficial score report reflecting your Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, and total score. This cannot be used for admission applications, but as a selection. Immediately after following your exam, you will have two minutes to accept or cancel your GMAT scores. If you’re unable to make a selection in that amount of time, the system will cancel them automatically.

Official GMAT Score Report

If you choose to accept the scores on the unofficial score report, the system will begin processing your official scores. Expect to receive the official score report within 20 days of your in-person GMAT exam, or 7 business days from your online exam. This document will be available online, valid for five years, and contain score-based percentile rankings, total score, and AWA score.

Every time you take the GMAT, all sections will be recorded on the OSR within five years of exam date unless canceled otherwise. Universities will not have access to omitted portions of the past exams, nor where else you may have sent your scores. 

How to Send the GMAT Online Score Report?

One downfall to online GMAT testing is that you will not be able to see your unofficial score report following test completion. Once your Official Score Report goes live within 7 business days, you will have 72 hours to accept or cancel these scores.
The positive upswing to the online GMAT test is your accessibility to send your OSR to an unlimited number of schools for free. The process is speedy, and your top picks will receive your scores in a rapid 24 hours. 

How to Send the In-Person GMAT Test Score Report?

There are two ways to send your GMAT Test Scores if you took it in the testing center. (Don’t worry about school codes- the GMAT server has an extensive, user-friendly school list).

1. Pre-select your top five schools

700+ Club recommends applicants to know what schools they will want their results sent out to prior to test day. If you approve the USR, the system will send out an Official Score Report to your top five schools for free within 3 weeks. Every additional score report can be purchased for $35. 

If you have no schools in mind, or less than 5 schools to send out reports to, it’s totally fine!

2. Select your schools later

If an applicant chooses to select schools later on for whatever reason, they can log in to their account and purchase an Additional Score Report for $35 per recipient. The report is identical to the OSR, the only difference is the timing when it’s being processed and mailed out. 

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