Table of Contents
1. GMAT Test Dates: When is the Best Time to Take the exam?
2. When Should I Take the GMAT?
2.1 Typical Admission Deadlines
3. Online v. Offline Testing
4. Where to Take GMAT Exam?

GMAT Test Dates: When is the Best Time to Take the exam?

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When Should I Take the GMAT?

A study of successful applicants reflected that the key time to take the GMAT is 3 months prior to your target business school’s admission deadline. If you plan to take the test online or offline, allows you to book an appointment 6 months in advance. If planning half a year ahead intimates you, 2-3 months is an acceptable time to prepare for your upcoming exam. 

Typical Admission Deadlines

Most business schools have three different application cycles:

  1. Round 1: September/October
  2. Round 2: Beginning of January
  3. Round 3: April

Keeping these deadlines in mind will help you allocate enough time to prepare accordingly, book GMAT exam dates, and send out score reports to your target schools. To prepare with a more calculated study schedule, check out our preparation courses.

Online v. Offline Testing

Online testing comes with a key benefit: unlimited free score reports to any/all business schools of your choice. GMAT Online test dates are more flexible, compared to the in-person GMAT exam dates. Regardless of what fashion you choose to take the exam, registering to the exam online is the first step.

Taking the exam online versus offline has no major differences, it’s more of a personal preference. Here are some pros of each:

GMAT Online Exam In-Center GMAT Exam
Number of Sections All four sections All four sections
Duration of test approx. 3h & 7 min approx. 3h & 7 min
Registration Fee 250$ 250€
Rescheduling Fee 25$ 1-14 days before: 150$

15-60 days before: 175$

more than 60 days before: 100$

Cancellation Fee Up to 24h before exam: 100$ 1-14 days before: 200$ (50$ refund)

15-60 days before: 175$ (75$ refund)

more than 60 before: 150$ (100$ refund)

Reporting scores to schools Infinite schools with no fees 5 schools for free, extra 35$ per additional school
Score Scale Same Same
Validity 5 years 5 years
Canceling the score Not allowed Allowed
Location No commute. You can take exam from home Official GMAT testing centre
Breaks 2 Breaks: 8min each 2 Breaks: 8min each
Retaking the exam Two retakes are allowed 5 times in any 12 months, no more than once any 16-day period

Where to Take GMAT Exam?

To find the most suitable testing location for you, we suggest following the registration steps linked above and using to match the nearest testing center. The location matcher does not collect information on closures due to covid, so it would be worth a call to ensure the facility is open before you pay the appointment fee. 

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