Table of Contents
1. What To Bring To SAT?
2. What Not to Bring to the SAT

Anything that might prevent your access into the SAT test room on test day is a big no-no. There are SAT day requirements that must be adhered to, so it’s best to get prepared with a SAT test checklist to avoid surprises. The following is a list of what you can bring to the SAT exam and what not to bring.

What To Bring To SAT?

The testing center may require a mask. Before arriving at the exam location, check the COVID-19 protocol by your testing facility.

A Face Mask

Before the day of your test, check the test center closings to be sure your test location hasn’t changed or closed. Also, verify the test center website on the SAT day morning to be on the safe side.

Admission Ticket

After paying your SAT fees and completing your registration, ensure that you print the SAT Admission Ticket. You can print off your ticket if you have a College Board account; this is a must-have on your SAT test day; without it, you won’t be able to access the testing center.

Government or School Issued ID Issued

You must have a picture ID on official, hard-copy paper to access the testing facility. You’ll be turned away if you don’t have identification with you. The ID must be genuine, not a photocopy or digital picture stored on your phone. Your current, hard-copy school ID, a passport, or a driver’s license are all acceptable forms of identification; however, it must be the hard copy, not a temporary paper license. To confirm your authenticity, the test proctors will cross-check your Admission Ticket and ID information with the list on the test center’s roster.

A Watch

If you must use a watch, ensure there’s no alarm because you’ll be dismissed from the test if the alarm sounds while the test is going on. The proctor will keep you updated with the exam time; hence you don’t need a watch.

A Sharpener and 2 Pencils

Pencils, erasers, and sharpeners are allowed. Other materials such as highlights or ink are not allowed.

SAT-Approved Calculator

You are required to solve the math without a calculator. However, if you need to check your work, an SAT-approved calculator is okay to bring.

Light Meals/Snacks

You’ll need a snack for the short breaks between the exams.

A Sweater or Jacket

A testing room is typically cold, plus you’ll be sitting there for a while, which can make you even colder. A jacket can help to keep you warm while you focus on your test.

What Not to Bring to the SAT

Dictionary Books, Pamphlet Books, And Any Educational Materials

The SAT test does not allow you to utilize any outside resources. If you try to do so, you will be disqualified from the exam, and your test will not be graded.


Digital watches, fitness bands, smartphones, etc., are not allowed. Cameras are specifically prohibited, as stated by the College Board.

Can You Bring Mechanical Pencils To The SAT?

Only your pencil, eraser, sharpeners, and SAT-approved calculators are allowed. The College Board prohibits other materials such as rulers, colored pens, mechanical pencils, and compasses.

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