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Increased her score by 140 points


Got into HEC Paris university

Cesare Campisi
Cesare CampisiGMAT

Started working at McKinsey

Giovanni Petruzzeli
Giovanni PetruzzeliGMAT

Our students have gone on to work in places like these

Getting into your dream university is hard.

You’ve likely spent hours painstakingly reading guides and help forums, watching YouTube videos, trying to figure out “how the heck do I get into Harvard Business School?”…

Maybe you have actually applied before but got a rejection letter in the mail…

…getting rejected from your dream university, sucks. 

But it isn’t your fault – there is so much noise around what it takes to get into a top Business School, with a lot of cowboys saying that they can get you in (when they have no experience).

But, there is a better way! 

* Limited seats available

From stressed Homer…

…to Astro-Homer! 🚀

If you don’t prepare your application in a specific way, it may go to the bottom of the pile…let’s make sure its right at the top 💪

What if we could make the admissions process, stress-free, smooth & actually fun?🤔

Here is what you don’t need…

More “gurus” giving you unusable advice – or “here is how I got into Harvard” when their dad was the dean.

The fear of not knowing if you are studying the right things or what to focus on for your specific needs.

Admissions tutors who think of you as just a number & don’t guide you on your full application from cover letter, to full GMAT requirements, to interview, to getting accepted.

* Limited seats available

Getting into  the right MBA program unlocks incredible opportunities.

Ready to invest in yourself

Top universities are VERY selective about who they admit, and graduate positions at leading companies are even more competitive.

Did you know that according to the annual Corporate Recruiters Survey of the Graduate Management Admission Council, the average starting salary ($115,000 median) for MBA graduates exceeds the starting salaries of those with bachelor’s ($75,000 median).

And that number doubles over 5 years.

Don’t leave your career dreams up to chance. We know what it takes to get you into your dream school.

* Limited seats available

A fully online admissions coaching experience, with high-achieving students from 30+ countries 📈

All our admissions tutoring sessions are online over weekly scheduled group classes.

You will also get full access to our leading GMAT and IELTS preparation, including 700+ Club exclusive simulations, mock tests & curated materials.

All put together by our 99th percentile tutors – and proven by thousands of success stories.

We take the guesswork out of your application. 


Silvia is studying her PhD in IESE University and this is what she thinks of her experience with 700+Club: “The motivation that I got from a dream team was amazing!”


Meet Riccardo! He is doing his Master’s in Business Analytics at MIT. 700+Club helped him to achieve 760 on his GMAT and this is what he says: “700+ team gave me a boost of confidence an motivation!”


This is Gianluca and he was offered to study Master’s in Management program at INSEAD University after scoring 750 on his GMAT. Gianluca says: “I never imagined I could have scored such a high result!”

Where other prep stops… we go further. Connect with top university admissions

Learn from admissions staff from top 10 schools, live 🎓

Our students enjoy unprecedented monthly opportunities to connect directly with admissions officers from top global universities.

We give you exclusive live events, such as monthly ask us anything events with the official test makers of the GMAT exam and admissions consulting opportunities that other prep providers simply can’t provide.

We are not just a prep solution.

Our mission is to guide our students throughout their entire application cycle; from nailing the GMAT test, to creating their application – ensuring they get the best results every time.

Think you have what it takes? Start your admissions journey today, and boost your scholarship chances

Many students leave their admissions preparation to the last minute – which often ends in getting rejected from their 1st choice universities.

The end up having to delay their next career move for another year…

Preparing for your application early has SO many benefits! 👇

  • You can apply earlier to your universities

  • Earlier applications have a higher chance of acceptance

  • Earlier applications have a higher chance of scholarships

  • Time to retake the GMAT if needed

  • Reduce your prep stress

Just a reminder…

We can guarantee your place at a top university (or your money back)

We are accepting applications for our new & exclusive Admissions Consulting program.

  • Includes GMAT + IELTS + Admissions Consulting prep

  • Guaranteed acceptance to at least 1 of 5 top schools

  • Limited spots available, applications now open

  • No risk to you, money back guarantee

Other Courses

  • Limited number of calls with consultant

  • Limited revisions of essays

  • GMAT and other tests not included

  • Limited contact to GMAT tutors

  • Unknown course quality 

  • Expensive

  • No guarantee 

Our Super50  Course

  • Includes GMAT course & IELTS platform

  • 1 on 1 GMAT tutor access & support

  • End-to-end admission support (application, interview, scholarship, negotiations)

  • Cheaper than if you took all courses separately

  • Options to retake the 700+ GMAT group course

  • Payment plans

  • Comes with a guarantee – get accepted, or your money back

Private Tutors

  • Specialize in only one area

  • No official GMAT materials included

  • No learning platform to practice

  • No 24/7 support

  • Very expensive

What else is included?

Admission Consulting.

  • Support for 5 applications

  • Essay Editing

  • CV preparation & writing

  • Interview Prep

  • Scholarship Support

  • Unlimited calls & revisions
  • 100% success rate


  • 62hours of prep

  • Tutor led live classes

  • 700+Club GMAT Platform

  • Official GMAT Materials & Simulations

  • 24/7 Support

  • Average Score 690 Classic/ 645 Focus


  • Self study platform

  • Video lessons

  • 2000 questions

  • 15 simulations

  • Flexible practice

Got some questions?

The program is a comprehensive support system designed to help students successfully gain admission to top MBA and Masters programs. Our program combines expert guidance, personalized consulting, and test preparation for GMAT & IELTS to ensure you have the best chance of achieving your academic and career goals. By joining the program, you gain access to a dedicated team of experts who are committed to helping you succeed. Our comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of your application process is covered from application, interview & scholarship negotiations, giving you the best possible chance of getting into your dream school.

Getting started with the Super50 program is a straightforward process designed to ensure that we can provide you with the best possible support tailored to your needs. 

Here are the steps:

  1. Express interest
  2. Have a call with our team
  3. Fill out the profile questionnaire
  4. Book your free consultation with our consultants
  5. Get selected
  6. Enroll and purchase
  7. Start Your journey

Purchasing the package offers several key benefits:

  1. Cost Savings: The package is more affordable than buying each service separately, providing better value for your investment.
  2. End-to-end Support: Get comprehensive assistance across all areas of your application process, from test prep to personalized consulting and application guidance.
  3. Expert Team: Benefit from expertise across all services, with our experienced consultants and tutors providing unified, tailored guidance.
  4. Time Efficiency: Streamlining your preparation with an integrated package saves you time, allowing you to focus more on studying and less on coordinating services.
  5. Convenience: The package offers a one-stop solution, simplifying your preparation and eliminating the need to manage multiple services from different providers.
  6. Guaranteed Admission: Our package includes a money-back guarantee if you don’t get admitted to your target schools, reducing financial risk and providing peace of mind.

What are the next steps? 

Step 1:

Book a short 15 min intro call.

Step 2:

Fill out a short profile questionnaire.

Step 3:

We develop a FREE admissions strategy.

Step 4:

Choose your top universities + get selected.

Step 5:

Start your program!

Book a FREE Admissions Evaluation  👩‍🏫

✓ 100% FREE 1 on 1 consultation, no obligation to buy

✓ Find out where you are with your application

✓ See if our prep is for you!

Even if you don’t think our prep is for you – worst case, you get a free profile evaluation… its a win-win!

Ps. We will give you access to a free trial of our GMAT prep after this consultation, so get in touch today!

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