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Who we are


Our tutors go above and beyond, helping you build a strong exam mindset and sharing valuable life skills that benefit you far beyond academia.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We give our students the tools they need to succeed

700+Club is a student-centric test prep center that guides students to ace the standardized admission tests required for university admissions worldwide. We provide Europe-wide, 100% online support to all students preparing to sit their GMAT, GRE, SAT and IELTS examinations

Meet the Founders.



Co-founder of 700+Club, Lana is also Head of Verbal & Tutors. She is responsible for the written and oral elements of all 700+Club courses. Additionally, she is responsible for the training of the tutors. She champions the philosophy that all skills and knowledge acquired during our lessons should last a lifetime and be practical within real-world contexts – as well as at university and the workplace.



700+Club’s second Co-founder, Anshul, is also Head of Quant & Admission Consulting and responsible for designing academic curriculums and lessons for all of 700+Club’s math-related courses. He has a comprehensive understanding of both mathematics’ psychological and educational concepts and has helped countless students overcome arithmophobia (fear of mathematics) and highlight their applications.

Student stories

Sebastiano D – SAT-GRE

Leonardo T – SAT

Niccolo M – SAT

Silvia V – GMAT

Riccardo C – SAT

Cesare C – GMAT

Davide C – GMAT

Federico R – GMAT

Gianluca F – GMAT

Giovanni P – GMAT

Jacopo F – GMAT

Umberto F – GMAT

Matteo B– GRE

Vittorio L – GRE

Anders M – GRE