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Our Vision

The student-centric approach of 700+Club is the perfect catalyst for your test triumphs.
We celebrate your individual strengths and weaknesses as we craft your unique path to awesome scores. Our acclaimed test prepation welcomes students worldwide to revise at their convenience, and our 99th percentile tutors are always on-hand to ensure you never feel alone in your quest for success.
Your best score. Period.

Our tutors go above and beyond, helping you build a strong exam mindset and sharing valuable life skills that benefit you far beyond academia.

700+Club is a student-centric test prep centre specialised in guiding students to ace the standardised admission tests required for university admissions worldwide. We provide Europe-wide, 100% online support to all students preparing to sit their GMAT, GRE, SAT and IELTS examinations.

Meet Our Founders


Co-founder of 700+Club, Lana is also lead Verbal Tutor and responsible for the written and oral elements of all 700+Club courses. She champions the philosophy that all skills and knowledge acquired during our lessons should last a lifetime and be practical within real world contexts - as well as at university and in the workplace.
In addition to an impressive management career across Oil & Gas, IT and Power Generation, Lana holds degrees in Law and Foreign Language, and an MBA at Politecnico di Milano. In her free time she enjoys travelling Italy to learn more about its history and art. An incredible asset to 700+Club, Lana is devoted to maintaining the highest standards of every tutor as they support your academic progress.


700+Club's second Co-founder, Anshul is also lead Quant Tutor and responsible for designing academic curriculums and lessons for all of 700+Club's math-related courses. He has a comprehensive understanding of both mathematics' psychological and educational concepts, and has helped countless students overcome arithmophobia (fear of mathematics).
Anshul holds an MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship and BE in Computer Engineering, and has worked in a range of fields including Education, Technology, and Strategic Consulting. He is incredibly passionate about startups, ed-tech, food and photography, and channels just as much energy into his teaching.


We'd love to hear from you

Whether you have questions, doubts or anything else. Our team is ready to answer all your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've helped thousands of students prepare for their exams and smash their targets! Our tutors have a wealth of knowledge to share and are excited to help you excel with tried and tested strategies and methods that may not be accessible to those preparing individually. Just 1 hour with a 700+Club tutor equates to 5 hours of self-study, so why not give yourself the best chances of success?
The earlier the better, we say! We generally suggest starting your prep 3-4 months before the exam date but, if you're feeling less than confident, it's never too soon. It's vitally important that you take the time to methodically build your foundations, practice and complete many simulation tests to achieve the results you deserve.
If you're unsure of what test to take (GMAT or GRE) or whether you'd prefer group or individual study, send us a WhatsApp message or email us at and we'll be delighted to help you discover the right course and format for you!