So, you’ve got your eyes set on the prestigious world of business schools. But what are the ways to connect with top B-Schools? The journey to securing admission to a top-tier B-school is undoubtedly thrilling, but let’s be honest—it’s no cakewalk.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of how to master the art of navigating the complex admissions landscape and the best ways to interact with universities.


1. Meet the Admission Officers on tour: GMAC Tours, QS, & e-fellows

Ever wish you could chat face-to-face with the gatekeepers of your dream B-school? Well, good news—you can! We know the importance of putting a real person behind the application process. That’s why our tip is to encourage you to catch admission and recruitment officers on tour with organizations like QS, e-fellows, and GMAC Tours.

Imagine having the chance to ask questions, get the inside scoop on what they’re looking for, and make a lasting impression. It’s like speed dating for business school admissions, and we swear by its effectiveness. But if globetrotting isn’t your thing, worry not—there’s a virtual alternative!


2. Join online events on University websites

We get it; life is hectic. But who says you can’t gather intel on your dream B-school from the comfort of your PJs? University websites are treasure troves of online events, from webinars to virtual campus tours. Keep your eyes peeled for these opportunities.

These online events are like a backstage pass to B-school life. You can interact with professors, current students, and even admission officers—all without leaving your couch. It’s a golden opportunity to get the lowdown on the vibe, culture, and what makes each B-school tick. So, fire up that laptop and start virtually schmoozing your way to B-school success!


3. Virtual or in-person campus tours

There’s something magical about stepping onto the grounds of a potential future alma mater. There’s a big impact from being there on-site. They highly recommend hitting the road for in-person campus tours if you’ve got the time and funds to swing it.

Picture this: strolling through iconic halls, soaking in the atmosphere, and maybe even sitting in on a sample lecture. It’s like a sneak peek into your future life as a B-school rockstar. But hold on—don’t fret if your schedule or budget says, “No, can do.”

Many universities offer immersive virtual experiences that let you explore from afar. Sure, it might lack the in-person buzz, but it’s a close second. Plus, you’ll save on travel expenses, and who doesn’t love that?


4. Open Days and campus lectures

If you’re anything like us, you’d jump at the chance to attend a lecture at a top-notch B-school. Well, guess what? Many universities host open days with campus lectures, giving you a front-row seat to academic brilliance. It’s all about making the most of these opportunities.

By attending open days, you get a taste of the curriculum and a feel for the teaching style. It’s like a test drive for your academic journey. Being in the lecture hall, even if virtually, can be a game-changer. So, mark those open days on your calendar; they might shape your B-school destiny.


5. Interact with alumni

Who better to spill the tea on a B-school than someone who’s been there? Now let’s shine a spotlight on the importance of connecting with alumni. These seasoned graduates are a goldmine of insights into the application process, campus life, and the secret sauce for success.

Alumni interactions go beyond what brochures can tell you. It’s real talk from real people who’ve walked in your shoes. Whether through networking events, social media, or alumni panels, you should tap into this valuable resource.


Find the best ways to connect with top B-Schools for success

So, there you have it—the 700+ Club’s roadmap to B-school glory. Whether you’re jet-setting to meet admission officers, virtually exploring campuses, or mingling with alumni, they’ve got you covered. And don’t stress if a campus visit is off the table; online events bring the experience to you.

Remember, it’s not just about acing the GMAT; it’s about crafting a killer application and finding your perfect B-school match. So, dive into the 700+ Club’s playbook, take advantage of every opportunity, like our many free events on GMAT prep or with top schools. Let the journey to your dream B-school begin!

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